Moms in The Making Changed My Bitter Heart

Last year I joined Moms in the Making. My husband and I had been married little over a year at that time. My marriage was on the brinks and it was a dire situation that only God could fix.

A few months before the Moms in the Making conference, my husband told me he didn’t think he wanted to be a father and didn’t know if he would be a good one. As you can imagine I felt completely blindsided. I joined MITM shortly after him stating that. I wanted to attend my first conference however I was hesitant as I was in a different situation then most women actively trying to have a future family.

I needed God to move mountains if He wanted me to be at the conference. My leader at the time ended up winning an extra ticket and gifted it to me. Then I had another confirmation from another leader that I texted and she shared that she was in a similar situation as myself previously and encouraged me to attend.

I had complete breakthrough at the conference during the day of powerful prayers. I gave my heart to God and fully surrendered while I continually prayed for my husband. Fast forward many months later and my husband stated he does want a family – we are going to try our first rounds of IVF in the fall.

The doctors said with our age and my low egg count that there would only be a 5% chance of naturally conceiving on our own. However, I know GOD can do ANYTHING and He is faithful! I’m standing on faith that we will have a family in the future however God intends it to be.

Moms in Making changed my bitter, sad heart to be an encourager to others and to speak life over my situation, as life and death are in the power of the tongue!

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