Miraculously Pregnant After Taking a Break

husband and wife

We had only been married for about 6 months when we both felt a stirring to try for a baby. We talked about it, I stopped my birth control, we prayed, and went for it. But after 6-7 months, I started getting a little worried. I made an appointment with my doctor but she said to wait a few more months before doing anything fertility wise. So we waited 6 more months, and no baby.

I finally went to the doctor and found that my thyroid was way out of whack. I’d been diagnosed with hypothyroidism since high school and thought I had been managing it well, because I had no symptoms and I was taking medicine daily, but it just wasn’t enough. We changed my dose and I tried all sorts of new diets. Still, there was no baby.

We moved to Texas from Hawaii for my husband to start welding school and started going to a fertility specialist, which is when we found out my husband had a lower sperm count and motility and a less than 5% chance of conceiving naturally. But God doesn’t really deal in our percentages!

We kept trying and running tests at the specialist, even doing a medicated cycle with a trigger shot! Still no baby.  After about a year and a few months we moved to Virginia and decided to take a little break from fertility things just to settle into our new house, jobs, and new lives!

Looking back, it must’ve been the very first week we were in Virginia that I got miraculously pregnant! No medications, no special diet, no extra intervention, just God doing His thing!  We are now 17 weeks along and can’t wait to meet this little miracle in May!

God has been so faithful and has never left me. He even led me to MITM when I needed it most and led me to be a leader! Praise Him! Before Moms in the Making, I was in such a dark, bitter place during our journey. But my virtual group surrounded me with people in my same situation who were so warm and welcoming. I’ve learned so much and gained so many wonderful friends through this ministry and can’t wait to do it as a leader in my own group in Virginia.

Leah Moore – Portsmouth, Virginia 

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