Miracle With Only Embryo Through IVF

“My husband and I married in May 2013 + in 2014 we found ourselves pregnant shortly after moving 900 miles away from our families. Instead of being able to share good news with our families that Father’s Day, we had to tell them that we miscarried. It would be 18 months before we got pregnant again – this time on our first round of Clomid, only to miscarry right before Thanksgiving. On one of many sleepless nights after this, I searched “infertility blogs” and found In Due Time and Moms In The Making. I emailed Caroline with tears streaming down my face, unsure if I could join the support group since we had no diagnosis and had not seen a specialist at the time. Her genuine and kind response gave me a sense of hope during such a difficult time.

After our second miscarriage our doctor referred us to an amazing RE. We were so blessed to live in MA, a state with mandated fertility coverage. I truly believe this is why we moved to MA – God knew that we would need medical intervention to grow our family. The summer of 2016 was quite a roller coaster as we anticipated our first round of IVF. Finally, in September we started stims and our egg retrieval was on October 2. The days and weeks after the egg retrieval were very hard – we kept receiving more and more bad news. I had just assumed we would have several embryos, but that was not the case. Twelve eggs, 5 fertilized, and only one made it to day 5. I was heartbroken, but kept reminding myself that God was in control. On December 8 our only embryo was transferred. The wait for our blood pregnancy test felt like an eternity, but I was so full of hope the whole time.

Two days before driving back home for Christmas we found out we were pregnant and we were able to share the amazing news with our families in person! On August 14, 2017 we welcomed our precious baby boy, Crosby (in TX, because God had another plan and we moved from MA to TX 6 weeks before our due date!)”

Bethany MacDonald – Texas

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