Miracle Through Adoption After Infertility Diagnosis

“I always had desire to adopt one day. Of course, MY plan was to have a few biological children first. Well…God had VERY different plans for us! About 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS and Hypothyroidism and a year or so later, nothing was happening. I was in a worship service, and my friend was singing the song “Healer” by Kari Jobe. I started crying and yelling at God, wondering why He took away the one thing I ever wanted to be in life. I collapsed at the altar with the leader and could not stop crying. At the end of the service, everyone laid hands on my husband and I, and the leader anointed us with oil. I left that service with so much hope, and felt like God had healed me.

Well, months turned into years with still no evidence of ever conceiving. I became very angry and bitter at God. I completely shut Him out at one point. I just did not understand why He would put the desire in our hearts to be parents, then not come through with that promise in the way WE thought He should. I felt broken, lost, and abandoned by God. But God. HE takes our brokenness and makes beautiful things from the shattered pieces! When we got our diagnoses, I became so blinded by anger, jealousy, and bitterness that I refused to see that God was slowly opening the door to adoption for us but God began to slowly heal that area of mine and my husband’s life, and we began to pray about adoption. I walked into the waiting area of an adoption office, and the song playing softly in the background was “Healer.” 3 short months later, we had our son in our arms! We can now look back to several years ago and see how God had been preparing the way for us to bring our sweet son home. God was with us and affirmed us through the whole adoption process, especially on the hard days that were full of doubt. His presence was felt throughout the whole 2 weeks we were at the hospital with our son! We now know that, had we gotten pregnant, we would not have our son today. And he is the most amazingly perfect gift that God has ever given to us. God created him specifically for us! And he was absolutely worth the wait!”

Christina Hoffpauir – Louisiana

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