Miracle Rainbow Baby Conceived After Trusting God

We were so excited when we got our first positive test! That changed to being devastated when I miscarried in Aug 2009. We got another positive test in Nov 2009, but that one ended in a miscarriage as well. I got another positive in April 2010. Soon after we found out, I really felt God telling me, “Trust Me!” We went for our ultrasound and we saw a heartbeat! However, we soon found out that once again, there was no heart beat. We were so devastated. And I was so mad because I didn’t understand why God told me to trust Him.

We started testing and the Dr told us I didn’t have a very likely environment to have a baby, but he may be able to help. My husband got laid off right after and we lost our insurance so we couldn’t get help at that time. We decided to do a fast to pray about what we should do. The day after our fast ended, I heard the name Lily in a movie and started bawling! I had no idea why!

From that point on I was seeing the name Lily everywhere! It felt God kept showing me this name whenever I felt down. I cried in a Bible study once when it mentioned “Lilies can grow in the most unlikely environments!” I decided to look up the biblical meaning of Lily and it means TRUST IN GOD! I got some additional testing done and found out I needed thyroid meds and to take baby aspirin because I had gene mutations that can cause miscarriages.

Fall of 2015 we finally decided to fully trust. I got a positive pregnancy test in Feb 2016! My daughter, Lily, was born in Oct 2016. My rainbow. My promise! Praise be to God.

Stephanie Doyle

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