Miracle Pregnancy After Saying Yes to Moms in the Making Conference

November 20, 2018

I have not received any diagnosis. I am 34, obese and both of these factor into fertility. I have had 2 miscarriages, one in Sept 2017 when I was 6 weeks and the other in June/July 2018 and exact time of when the event happened is unsure (probably very early around 4-5 weeks).
I found out on Sept. 8th that I am pregnant and am currently at 15 weeks – praise God! Saying “yes” to attend the Moms in the Making conference was an integral part of me experiencing this miracle pregnancy and my yes to going to the conference came after reading Caroline’s post on “Saying Yes to God.” I read that blog post in mid-August, purchased my Moms in the Making conference ticket just a few days later and conception would have happened right at that time too! Wow! God is faithful.
The conference was an amazing time where the Holy Spirit put me on “hyper-alert” to all that he was doing in my life and in others. When I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t sure if I should still go to the conference but then I felt that it was something God had asked me to do and if I turned back it would be a wasted opportunity. How glad am I that he prompted me and held me steadfast in this! I needed to be at the conference to learn about lies that were holding me back such as fear, doubt and insecurity. Also, to participate with so many other women in this season and to hear of those who are now moms made.
With this pregnancy I also had “guilt” about having to tell my prayer partner that I was pregnant, but God prompted me to be vulnerable early on. She has been such a gracious + loving friend and other than my husband, she is the only one that knew in those early weeks.
I am so thankful for Moms in the Making which truly has spurred me on in my faith. I love how the group focuses on celebrating life and tackling the hard topics or truths even when it is bound to be convicting. They do so with compassion and clarity. I am so thankful to have a faith-based, Scripture-based ministry to come alongside me and speak truth from God the Father. It has been like a balm to open-wounded hearts and water to a desert wasteland.

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