Miracle Pregnancy After God Provided Through Insurance

After a year a half of ultrasounds and tests, I had surgery in October 2015 which determined I had severe endometriosis. During that time, we also had 3 tests for my husband, and we were told that my husband also had a low sperm count and they weren’t healthy.

In November 2017 we met with a Reproductive Endocrinologist and felt like God was telling us we were in the right place. We decided to start the IUI process in January 2018. Right after we saw the RE the first time my husband got an email from work saying that starting in January 2018 our insurance would start to cover a lot of the cost of IUI and IVF. We really felt like this was a God thing.

At the start of my first cycle (Jan 2018) I went in for an ultrasound to make sure all was good to start the insemination. They found something unusual and concerning in my uterus and decided not to do the insemination. They put me on birth control until it was gone. We were left so confused because we really felt like this was God’s plan. Come to find out insurance hadn’t kicked in yet.

The next month we had insurance and we went back to start the process again and everything was clear! Three weeks later we got a positive test and on November 12, 2018 we had our miracle baby boy. 🎉

Moms in the Making helped me change the way I prayed, the way I thought, and the way I was trusting. After joining the Facebook group, I got an amazing prayer partner and joined the virtual Bible study group and I learned how to really have faith. I learned to stop dwelling on my diagnosis and to stop letting it become who I am. I didn’t feel alone anymore. I am so thankful! All glory be to God!

Jessica Olsen

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