Miracle Baby After Tubal Ectomy and Secondary Infertility

I was diagnosed with secondary infertility. We have an amazing little boy who is 8 years old and we wanted to grow our family and give him a sibling. He asked all the time for a baby brother or sister and my heart was broken as I desperately wanted and tried to give him one.

We got pregnant 6 months into trying but I was pregnant in my tubes. I was rushed to the hospital for surgery, where they did a tubal ectomy, taking out my right fallopian tube. We started trying again after I was healed and able to.

We tried for a total of 3.5 years to have our miracle baby. Those 3.5 years were filled with every emotion you can think of. Thankfully, I really started to focus on God more than I focused on a baby. When I got my eyes on Him I grew so much in my faith and relationship with Jesus.

We ended up having our miracle baby on February 1, 2020. This journey was one of the hardest things I have ever been through but it also grew me in my walk with Jesus more than ever. If you are going through secondary infertility know that you are not alone. Get plugged into a community like Moms in the Making. I am so thankful because MITM gave me a community of women who were all going through the same journey and could understand my pain. Caroline’s devotional, In Due Time, was also one of the best things that helped me during my 3.5 years of waiting.

Mary Fish

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