Miracle Baby After 6 Years

Amy and husband with baby, LukeMy husband Michael and I walked our fertility journey for almost 6 years before our miracle baby, Luke, was born. When we first got married, even before trying to get pregnant, we felt the Lord place the name “Luke” on our hearts separately. It was almost like The Lord was preparing our hearts for the journey that we would soon walk through, but showing us that He would work for our good and His glory by having our miracle, Luke — the promise that He spoke to us, on the other side.

Fast forward through surgeries, miscarriage, stepping back from a career, and a failed adoption…We would have never chosen the journey for ourselves, but would now choose it again knowing how He utilized us to bring hope to others along the way. In leading the New Orleans Moms in the Making support group, I’ve shared the hope I received with the ladies who attend. Walking with others to help them grow in their walk with Christ has been such a joy and gift! I like to think of it this way — if you’re driving to vacation and you see someone on the side of the road and stop to help them, it doesn’t mean that you’re not still going on vacation. It just means that there was a delay/detour. Similar to our journey, God is faithful to His promises and wants to bless us greater than our hearts desires, but how amazing is it that with Kingdom perspective we could bring hope to others and fulfill our God given calling along the way!

I want to remind you that in the waiting, God views you as fertile, not infertile, and is birthing things in the lives of you and others around you on the way to your miracle(s)! During this time, speak life and declare victory over your bodies, wombs, diagnosis, marriage, and life! He will be faithful to you.

Amy Sugar – New Orleans, Louisiana


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