Miracle Baby After 2 IVF’s

My husband and I tried to get pregnant for almost 2 years before resorting to IVF. We had tried it all and were out of options. So we did what any crazy couple would do, we emptied our savings. It was insane and irresponsible but we KNEW it was the right move. We spent every penny we had to our name on an IVF cycle in January 2015. I ended up having an early miscarriage and we had no frozen embryos. Our lives were flipped completely upside down.
My heart couldn’t take any more but I found myself, in my darkest hour, building my faith and my relationship with God. So often we praise God only when life is beautiful and things are going our way. I decided to praise him at my lowest. I knew our God was a good God. I knew He would provide for us. I knew he could work miracles. I knew we had to do another IVF cycle. Now remember I told you we emptied our savings? We were still bouncing back from that. So we made another leap of faith and called on our support system; our family and friends. They rallied behind us and raised the funds for us to go through another cycle. Every time a donation rolled in I sobbed. When I paid our final bill I sobbed. How blessed were we to have so many amazing people in our corner.
We went through with that cycle in June of 2015 and in February of 2016 we welcomed our sweet boy, Leo. Never for a second did I doubt that God would fulfill the desires of my heart. The moment Leo was placed on my chest was unlike anything in this world. He’s almost 2 now and I still look at him in complete wonder and amazement. I feel so incredibly blessed God chose me to be his mama.

Sarah Garcia

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