Miracle After 6 Embryo Transfers

One year ago today we went in for our 6th IVF embryo transfer. We had done 4 egg retrieval’s, 6 transfers, 3 pregnancies and 2 miscarriages. The odds were against us going in for this last time. We remained hopeful that this time would work and we trusted in God’s plan for us. It’s so amazing to see that one of these embryos in this picture resulted in our perfect baby girl! We are so blessed, thankful, and grateful for all of the love and prayers of all of you who helped us along our journey! To those out there who feel hopeless, don’t. God always has the perfect plan. Trust HIM.
Moms in the Making has been the biggest blessing to me during our journey. All of the prayers and those who would just listen to my every need. I am forever grateful for all of you!

Monica Abernethy

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