Making the Most of the Wait With Mission Trips

Making the Most of the Wait With Mission Trips

“If you had told me seven years ago as I walked down the aisle that I’d be 33 and childless, I’d have argued. I would have two babies by 30 and our family would be complete. But somewhere along the way, that pesky stork got lost and he still hasn’t managed to find his way back to our house. If you had told me five years ago in that doctor’s office that the diagnosis was the start of a wait that God would use to transform my heart, I would have angrily told you how much you didn’t understand. If you had told me four years ago that the following spring I’d be standing in a remote village in northern Honduras drilling a well and sharing the love of Jesus with the most precious community of people, or that in the next two years I’d return twice more, I’d have shot you a serious side-eye. God works in the most mysterious and miraculous ways. Look, I would never ask or wish for infertility. But if life had gone the way I planned it in my head, I would have missed out on so many faith-building and life-changing experiences that God had in store for me. He’s known what He was doing all along. We’re still waiting on and believing for our miracle baby, but as we wait, I’m also reflecting on the ways God has already created so much beauty from these ashes. And I can’t help but believe that He’s only just begun.”


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