Look What God Did Through Me

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2.5 years. Women in my family have never had a problem getting pregnant, so I thought we’d be pregnant after a couple months of trying. I remember being so discouraged and frustrated in the early months. I journaled many prayers during those months, just as I now continue to do.

Recently, God spoke to me “Oct. 19.” I was unsure of what that meant. Would I get pregnant on that date? Would I give birth on that date? I waited for the Spirit to reveal more. After a couple days, I realized the Spirit wanted me to reread those journal entries from that date. I looked back on Oct. 19, 2017, six months into trying. I had written: “Lord, how do you want me spending my time while I wait? You have gifted me time, so how can I use it to glorify you?” After I read that, I knew God had answered my prayer from over two years ago!

You see during the wait, I have gotten a job teaching kindergarten again. I found Moms in the Making and became a leader in McPherson, KS. I have taught Sunday School and have helped with AWANA. God showed me how to use this wait to glorify him.

He answered my prayer. Hear me when I say, “God DOES NOT give you infertility, but He can use it!” This testimony is not to say, look at me and all I do. This testimony is to say look at what He can do through me. Ask Him today what you can do in the wait. He will answer you, just as He answered me! To finish, one of my favorite quotes during this wait is: “What does a waiter do best…they serve.”

Kristen Rardon – McPherson, Kansas

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