Lifelong Friends at the Moms in the Making Conference

“In December 2016 is when I found Moms in the Making. After 3 unsuccessful IUI procedures I felt like my husband and I needed a break. I felt hopeless and alone. I took a leap of faith and purchased my ticket to the 2017 Moms in the Making conference.
I remember walking into the 2017 conference scared but excited…not knowing what to expect. I was so nervous but relieved that I was going to be in a room with over 150 other women going through the same journey I was on.
The conference exceeded ALL of my expectations. All of the emotions, frustrations and loneliness bottled up over the 5 years of waiting all came out in tears. Looking around that room at all the women going through the same thing as me…I began to realize that I was not alone!
I connected with 4 other girls, we just clicked instantly, we all had different journeys but all had 2 things in common – We are daughters of the King and we want to be moms. The picture was taken at the conference last year as we were saying our goodbyes. One of the girls wanted to pray together so we all huddled in and she spoke the most beautiful prayer that brought us to tears. A couple of days later someone posted this picture on our FB conference page– we didn’t know someone had taken this picture of us praying!! I was so excited that someone had captured this moment!!
The girls in this picture are life longlong friends. We will always support and pray for each other. I would have never met these women without being on this journey. GOD brings people into our lives when we need them. We all plan to attend the conference this year also!! If you are on the fence about attending the conference… just buy your ticket…you won’t regret it! If you have no one to go with…you are never alone…God is always with you!!!”

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