Learning to Trust God With Our Finances

As I’ve shared before, my job wasn’t a good fit when I transferred from Michigan to Florida; it was the same, but far too different. I was emotionally and physically burdened and, in December 2021 with support of my husband, I quit. I pulled my 401k to support the household until I found another job.  When that was spent and I still hadn’t found a job, we borrowed from my husband’s IRA…and then that was gone, still with no job offers. In April, I got two job offers that greatly varied in annual income..an $18,000 difference. The higher paying job would get us fully out of debt, into a better home, AND easily get us started on our fertility journey (we haven’t been able to afford any treatment towards it). It would also move us out of the Miami area. It seemed like a “no-brainer.” But God’s peace was never in that choice and we couldn’t settle in it. So I took the other.

Why is it a testimony that, after months of being unemployed,  I would take a job with lower income that doesn’t technically move us any closer to financial freedom and growing our family? Because God said so. We followed His lead and His peace. What we found with this direction was space and time: flexibility with my schedule, the ability to listen to the Word while I’m working, and because we didn’t move, we continue to walk in obedience with His instruction to come to Florida in the first place. We didn’t allow the promise of money to lead us away.

In following God’s leading, we are reaching a new level in our marriage and in our faith in ways we couldn’t have done had I taken that other position. The fertility journey is an expensive one and through this experience, we are learning how to actually trust and depend on Him. And it’s not that we don’t trust and lean into Him…but we had to learn just how deep that trust needs to be, especially for something as big as a miracle baby, right? And isn’t it beautiful how He loves us enough to grow us up enough to be able to withstand and receive those miracles? He can and will do every miraculous thing when we fully, truly, deeply learn to depend on Him.

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