Leading a MITM Group Brought Many Blessings

In August of 2019, I prepared my home for my first Moms in the Making meeting. I was officially co-leading a local in-person group in Green Bay, Wisconsin and was in desperate need for community. I knew two women planned to attend that first evening, but I recall feeling completely unqualified for this calling that the Lord had placed on my heart. Not to mention the fact that we were meeting on what had to be one of the hottest August days ever! Most of that first evening is a blur in my memory, but I remember praying that these ladies would return for our next meeting and they did!

Fast forward to March of 2020 when the pandemic began, our group began meeting virtually. I remember spending time asking the Lord about what this meant for our group but ultimately trusted His plans. Then the emails and messages started coming in. In the period of three weeks, we had doubled our membership! There were ladies in our area who needed a faith-filled community now more than ever. While the enemy intended for us to feel isolated and secluded during the pandemic, our group found great comfort in staying connected virtually.

It’s amazing to look back on that time in 2020 and feel so incredibly thankful. Fast forward to now, July of 2022. Since that first August evening in 2019, our group has been home to more than 15 members, 8 miracle babies (plus one on the way), as well as countless prayers, hugs, celebrations and tears. The ladies in this group have become some of my closest friends. They have contended with me, prayed with me and believed with me for my miracle over the years.

Our group recently celebrated my sweet miracle baby, whom we welcomed into our family in November 2021. My son has the sweetest, fiercest team of faith-filled aunties you have ever seen! All of this to say, if you have ever felt the calling on your heart to lead a Moms in the Making group in your community, lean in and trust that the Father will do amazing things with your quiet yes. My small yes has led to some of the biggest blessings in my life and I am forever grateful!

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