Joy, Peace and a Miracle Baby After Infertility

My husband and I got married in September 2006. In those early years, our plans to start a family included waiting at least 2 years before having kids. It seemed simple then, but we had no idea that our path would be much more complex. We initially started TTC in February 2008. We were both in college at the time and worked full-time jobs, so when we didn’t get pregnant right away, neither one of us worried too much.

But after a year passed, we started to wonder if there was an issue. I was afraid to pursue an answer and kept hoping things would work themselves out. Years passed and we still hadn’t had any success getting pregnant. I gave in to fertility appointments and was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. The more visits I went to, the more anxious I felt. I’d explore treatment options, but I had no peace about any of them. We ultimately decided not to pursue treatment.

I would often talk to God about what I was experiencing, and in the early part of 2017, I started feeling as though I knew He was going to work things out for us. Where I’d felt so much anxiety and grief for so many years, I instead had this new, overwhelming feeling that we would have a family.

On Easter Day 2019, I took a pregnancy test and found out I was expecting a baby! Our miracle baby boy, Arrow Timothy, joined us on December 23. I walked the road with infertility for many years which is why I want to encourage you today that it is possible to maintain your joy and peace in this season, but ONLY with a living relationship with Jesus. Pursue Him with your whole heart. Find people and life-giving resources that can help you along the way. I am so glad I came across Moms in the Making, because the feed infused so much hope just knowing that there was a community of people walking through the same thing!

Lastly remember, you are loved by God and you WILL make it through!


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