Jesus Healed My Heart and Mind

We exchanged our wedding vows in April 2015. My husband accepted my 5yr old as his own. It was during my annual in 2016, that my doctor asked “How long have you been trying?”, the next thing we knew, we were diagnosed with severe male factor infertility.

From that point on, I struggled. Struggled believing God, struggled being around happy couples, struggled at baby showers, and scrolled right pass announcements. I gave my husband the blues! I wanted us to try everything. In Jan of 2018 he had surgery and we just knew we would be pregnant that year. In July of 2018 I had a talk with God asking Him why did He hate us so much, blessing others right in our faces? I fell even deeper into depression at that point. By Dec. 2018 my husband packed up everything he owned and left. It was then that I asked God to heal me and make me whole again. My husband came back, but I was not delivered right away.

In 2019, I purposed in my heart to work on something God had told me to work on. After 4 years of fear, I finally finished and released my book on Sept. 2019. I did not realize until a little while after that I no longer felt the burden of infertility. John 8:36 says that whom the Son sets free is free indeed! I am FREE! It is such a blessing walking into a new year without tears and depression because we have not had a baby yet. Jesus has healed my heart, my mind, placed a genuine smile back on my face and helped me to walk into my purpose. My hope is that many would experience this same FREEDOM!

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