Jesus Brought Me Back to Life

After our third round of IVF and finding IVF “support” Facebook groups hopeless, I stumbled across and joined Moms in the Making in 2019. I attended a virtual group and went to my first MITM conference in 2020.

At my first conference, I believe God gave me the verse, Isaiah 40:31, and I would commonly pray – “I believe, Lord, help my unbelief” (Mark 9:24). I learned that faith is rest. Jesus is our place of rest and unbelief is unrest.

Contrast that with 2022 where God told me how HE saw me, and likely what I was stepping into in this new season, which was actually opposite of how I saw myself. Through the MITM prophetic card, God said He saw me like the Shunammite woman of 2 Kings 8 – a woman of incredible faith… That’s most certainly a long way from my prayer in 2019 – Lord I believe, help my unbelief!

The night I arrived home I had a dream. When I woke up from the dream, I was singing the lyric –“Just like Lazarus, you brought me Back to Life!” This was a lyric from one of the “sneak peek” songs that was never sung at the 2022 conference. I knew at that moment, after waking up from my sleep that the song was for me. That God was telling me, just like Lazarus, He brought me back to LIFE!!!! That He resurrected my dry bones.

MITM, and Caroline Harries, were absolutely the catalyst to growing my faith. I am 42 years old and still contending for our baby. Even so, I have more faith than I ever had that we serve an incredible, faithful and amazing God who is FOR US. At the conference, during the group prayer for women who felt they were too old to conceive, a beautiful girl prayed for me and then told me that God had a special gift for me.

Shortly after I returned home, I realized that my special gift was someone that I had already met – Jesus. He is my reward. He is my portion. He is my hope. It’s an eternal mindset we need. It’s not that I won’t receive earthly blessings, but running after Jesus is better. Jesus is who I need, above all, and it was He that brought me BACK TO LIFE!! HALLELUJAH!! ALL GLORY TO THE FATHER!!

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