IVF and Natural Pregnancy

IVF and Natural Pregnancy

“Several years ago my husband, Joel, and I found ourselves childless in a world full of children. We were both elementary teachers at the same school. My husband is number 9 out of 10 children…so you can imagine all the children in that large family! Naturally we wanted to add our own to the mix. I am a planner by nature so I had it all mapped out..first marriage, buy the house, decorate it, then babies, and live happily ever after! Well after a year of trying we knew something was wrong. We went through all the testing for both of us and it came back “unexplained infertility”. This was so frustrating because how am I supposed to fix the problem if I don’t even know what it is. After a failed IUI we reached our breaking point and decided to take a break. We really began to seek the Lord together as a couple and decided if we never have a baby, that is alright because God is still God and He is good! 
Eventually the Lord directed our steps to a new doctor where we found out my ovarian reserve was low for my age and recommended IVF. Today we are thrilled to say we are blessed with a 4 year old girl that came through IVF! After some time we were ready to start trying for baby #2 and God had healed me…my AMH level went from .7 to 2.5 and that same month we became pregnant naturally with our son! Both babies miracles and both arrived their own special way! My heart is for woman to never feel alone during this journey. Build your community of support, like moms in the making, and most importantly seek Jesus. He will guide your steps and bring you comfort like nothing can!”

Tanya Jo – Tulsa, Oklahoma

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