Insurance Led Me to Pursue IVF at Age 40

God is a miracle worker and He makes a way out of no way. Back in 2015-2016 we tried IUI, which my full time job paid 50% of it l, but all three times were unsuccessful. IVF was around $40K without insurance.

I was working part-time jobs because I was bored and one day I finally prayed “God, please give me a part time job that makes sense. I want to benefit from working there.” I saw online that Starbucks paid for IVF. I have no clue about coffee, but decided to apply. I received a call back and was hired over the phone on the spot! So I started working there and learned all about making coffee. Almost all of the employees were younger than myself so I suggested that I would be the all time dishwasher and they could make the drinks. They loved me for that :).

After a few months, I qualified for the health insurance. No one talks about the fear you experience when God is working on giving you what you asked for and you see it unfold before your eyes. So I went to the reproductive specialist and had all the tests done. They were ready to move forward with IVF but I got scared and never called to set up the procedure. I realized I was given what I had been praying for, but got cold feet. My prayer changed to “God, you brought me this far, I have to trust You.”

After 5 months of doing nothing, I made the call to order the meds and called the doctor to let them know I was ready. Long story short, I constantly hear and read that it generally takes more than once to have a successful pregnancy with IVF, especially being over 40 years old. Well my first transfer was successful and as I type this, I am holding my beautiful baby boy in my arms. God can do the IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

Moms in the Making has been a community of women who make it a safe space to voice how you feel about infertility and I have been so thankful for that. I just loved the encouragement that was given during the prayer nights!

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