Instead of Doing Our 6th IUI, We Got Naturally Pregnant

My husband and I got married in 2012 and were blessed with our son, Jacob Thomas, on May 8, 2015. We felt our family was not complete and were trying for a second child. Around a year of trying I started experiencing some irregular bleeding so we did additional testing. It was then that I was diagnosis of PCOS and my husband was diagnosed with a low sperm count and low motility.

I will never forget what our doctor said to us, “I’m not going to tell you that you can’t get pregnant naturally since you clearly have a son, but your chances are less than 1%.”  This is where we realized our son Jacob was our miracle baby, but we still had a yearning in our hearts to grow our family further. Although our RE recommended IVF, we prayed about this and did not feel God was leading us in that direction so we started our IUI journey. We froze my husband’s sperm every week in an attempt to have enough for the IUI procedures. After 5 failed attempts my husband and I decided to take a break from IUI.

A few months later my husband saw a reproductive urologist and was prescribed some vitamins to try to help with his sperm count and motility. We were told it would take up to 3 months before he would see the effects. Then at 4 months of him taking the vitamins we decided we were ready to do another IUI procedure. As we were getting ready for IUI #6 is when we found out we were expecting our miracle baby #2, and this time a girl! This made my husband and I realize further that God is in control and it’s all within His timing! We welcomed our daughter, Ruth Mackenzie, into the world on April 11, 2019!

Through Moms in the Making I learned I am not alone in this journey to motherhood. There are so many other women out there having the exact same struggles. The group helped me to lean on God’s guidance and timing more and not just my own. The Moms in the Making Facebook group allowed me open up more about my feelings with the whole situation and know I would not be judged. I was thankful the other ladies would get it, knowing they felt the same pain and heartache as me. The group has been a great support for me and and I have referred others going through infertility towards the group as well, since I know they will receive the same love and support I have through the journey.


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