I’m in a Place of Peace With My Infertility Journey

wife and husband

My husband David and I live in Plano, TX with our dog Bentley. When I found Moms in the Making, a little over a year ago, I was not in a good place and was desperate for this community.

When I found out about it, I instantly looked up how to get involved and sent the leader of the group closest to me a message asking when I could join them – I was there the very next week. Through the ladies in my group, I have found the sweetest friendships that has literally been a balm for my soul. I’m in a place of peace with my infertility journey now, and I know a large part of that has been because of the Christ-centered company I’ve been part of through the MITM Addison group. If you haven’t yet gotten involved in a group either in-person or online, I would highly recommend you do so! God works incredible miracles in community!

Because of God’s work in my heart and the community of Moms in the Making, I am thriving and living my dream in a place I thought could only bring pain, disappointment, and grief. In addition, God has given me the ability to process my journey and emotions in a unique way – through writing songs. As a result of this work in my heart and journey of delayed fertility, I have been able to experience a different life-long dream come true: releasing my original music! This past week, I released one of those songs reminding me that infertility is just a “bump in the road” for the ultimate plans God has for my life.

If it weren’t for my infertility, I doubt I would have accomplished this dream of releasing music. I hope these songs are a way for me to sow back into other women struggling with infertility and encourage them on their journey.

How have you seen God’s faithfulness in your own life? Did He heal your broken heart? Did He provide financially? Did He bring you a baby? No testimony is too small! Share yours on our website here –> https://www.momsinthemaking.com/Testimonies

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