I went from Alone, Bitter and Angry to Filled With Happiness, Peace and Joy

Infertility can be a lonely, hard road. In April 2018, after 6 pregnancy losses, a friend introduced me to Moms in the Making. I felt alone, unseen, bitter, angry, and jealous. I was putting on a show and everyone thought I was ok, but on the inside, I was an absolute mess. Out of desperation to feel something other than the hurt and loneliness, I decided to go “all in” with Moms in the Making.

I signed up for prayer partners, went to the 2018 MITM conference, and joined a virtual group. Through prayer partners and the virtual group, I met two of my closest friends ever, Katie and Katie. These two women speak life and truth into my life on a daily basis. They pray for me and with me and they encourage me.

When I lost my 7th baby, they were constantly checking in on me and speaking His hope and truth to me. Katie, Katie, and I talk weekly, if not daily. We live in three different states (Colorado, Ohio, and Texas), but are so close, you’d think we live next door to each other.

Since joining Moms in the Making, I have found happiness, peace, and joy once again! Moms in the Making has shown me that my hope can’t be in a baby or in becoming a mom…my hope is in Jesus Christ! He is always good, even if our circumstances don’t look at it from the outside. His big picture is what we need to focus on! My encouragement for you going through the wait to become a mom is to go all-in. Sign up for prayer partners, join a group (in person or virtual), COME TO CONFERENCE! Most importantly though – seek God in all you do.  You are not alone in this journey – you do not have to go through the pain that I went through. Connect with other women…join MITM and get you a Katie (or two)!

Amber Strealy – Corpus Christi

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