I Was Restored at Conference

In May 2023, I had a biochemical pregnancy and I thought I had mourned, but there was still a sadness that didn’t go away.

This year, I wasn’t planning on going to conference but then God told me I needed to go. Traveling from the Netherlands to Texas would be a big challenge, but God provided a way and within one week I had everything arranged.

At conference, I had my breakthrough sessions lined up in a way whereby I had mourned during “Shout of Morning,” received hope during “Shout of Hope” and received God’s Word during “Shout of Revelation.” The devil might have tried to steal my joy and light away, but I wouldn’t let him. I felt my joy restored at conference.

And then…. another attendee, Sorani, found me. What are the odds that 2 girls both from Curaçao would meet each other at a conference in Texas? We started talking in Papiamentu – it was a confirmation that I needed to use this gift from God to empower and encourage other women on the island of Curaçao as well.

I can’t wait to help others receive the same joy and light that was restored to me during the conference. Thank you Moms in the Making!

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