I Was Planning to do IVF but Instead Got Naturally Pregnant

After 5 years of infertility, and rounds of failed medicated cycles, two failed IUIs, my husband and I decided to proceed with IVF. We started testing back in January. I had a polypectomy on February 4, and doctor said to wait at least four weeks to go back. I called them on March 4, exactly a month later. To my surprise they only had openings in May. I was really sad but I booked it for May 2. I hung up the phone and cried. I felt defeated because I was confident that we were ready to start.

The following week I started to feel more sensitive. I cried for no reason on my way home from work and was always angry and hungry. This is not usually like me at all but didn’t think much of it. I kept praying and asking God to rescue me because I was depressed, sad, just wanted to stay in bed all day. I asked God to show me a way to have my appointments sooner. During this waiting time I kept praying and asking God to do what He wants but just give me some comfort so it wouldn’t hurt as much as it has.

Scrolling on Instagram one day I saw a message that really encouraged me and as soon as I read it I started crying I felt like God was answering all my prayers. From that day on instead of asking for anything I started thanking Him for everything He’s done and what He’s going to do in my life. That depressing feeling disappeared and I was happy again.

So just like I had done every single month out of faith, I took a pregnancy test and to my surprise and to the glory of the Lord it came back positive. I got on my knees and worshiped and thanked my Lord for He fulfilled the desire of my heart. My blood test confirmed my pregnancy and my hCG levels continues to double appropriately. Now in May instead of coming up with my IVF plan, I’ll have an ultrasound to see my baby. Our MIRACLE baby! God is good!

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