I Was Freed From Fear and Unworthiness

For the past year since our miracle boys were born and honestly even before that, I have been held captive by fear and unworthiness. Fear that something would happen to our boys and feeling unworthy that we have received two miracles when so many others are still in the fire struggling. I had felt guilty at times for even sharing pictures of them or talking about them because I didn’t want to cause pain or hurt to others still waiting and still fighting.

I went to the 2021 Moms in the Making conference last year with my heart heavy, praying God would free my mind of the thoughts and take the burdens I was carrying. I was reminded through the entire conference that my story still matters, I am worthy of the miracles God has provided and my story is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and goodness. So many amazing women stood beside me and reminded me that my story needs to be told and our miracles are a testimony that if God can do it for me, He WILL and CAN do it for all my sisters in the wait.

The prophetic cards we receive at conference have always been one of my favorite parts. This year, my card read, “The Lord truly does have you, He is holding you tightly, you can really, really trust him. I see you as you trust Him, dancing in a field full of the most stunning beautiful flowers. You are just so free, swirling, moving, singing, just SO FREE!! Hold your head up high Kaitlyn, you are so loved and are doing such a great job.”

I prayed for the chains of my fears and thoughts to be broken and He came through like He always does! I left feeling free and a weight lifted off my chest, ready to continue leading and sharing our journey and story. There is nothing too big for our God. He is the way maker and miracle worker!

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