I No Longer Have Shame

I’ve come a long way in my journey to have a baby. I used to keep it all to myself. But back in 2019, I made the step to join a Moms in the Making virtual group and never looked back. God worked on me and healed me in so many areas, including shame about my story.

I began to share publicly about what we were going through, what we had gone through, about our miracle son and about Moms in the Making. I shared on social media and in person and through messages. God led me to become a leader and I now lead the Portsmouth, VA group and the Moms Made virtual group #3!

I love getting to grow with these ladies and see God move and create miracles! But one of the coolest and least expected things that God has done is that He’s brought ladies out from my past who need to speak about their own fertility struggles. Ladies I went to high school or college with or met along my life at some point, done business with in the past, they are struggling and don’t feel free to share with the same freedom I do, but they know I’m a safe place to share with. It’s sad they’re going through hard things, but I’m blessed to pray for them, share MITM and any other resources they may need, but also point them back to Jesus.

I have faith He will always come through for them, for me, and for anyone reading this testimony! God has done it before and will do it again and again and again! Amen!

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