I Met My Best Friend at the Moms in the Making Conference

In October of 2019, I walked into the Moms in the Making Conference late, and ran into a girl from my virtual group, Britni Mazur. I didn’t really know anyone at the conference, so I was very excited because one of the first people I saw was a face I recognized. Turned out that this amazing woman of God and I had a lot in common, and we quickly hit it off and became good friends.

After the conference we continued to talk regularly. Britni lives in Canada, so she was unable to attend the 2020 conference, and I missed her so much! After almost 2 years of just communicating digitally, restrictions were relaxed in Canada and she was able to come and visit me in Chicago in August. It was so wonderful to see her in-person again!! We are also planning to room together at the upcoming 2021 conference, and I am already counting down the days.

I can honestly say that this friendship would not have happened without the connection made at the Moms in the Making conference. My best friend lives over 1,500 miles away, and it’s so apparent that God brought us into each other’s lives. I am so thankful for Moms in the Making, all the many friendships I have formed over the last few years, and the ways in which God is at work in this ministry. My encouragement to you is to go to the conference. You will absolutely not regret it – and God is going to surprise you in the ways He meets you there.

Brooke Simkins, Illinois Leader

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