I Got Baptized at Conference

There is nothing worse than feeling alone and feeling like no one understands you.

In March of 2023, I felt ready to move forward and start the process again with IVF. However, that door was closed and I felt once again alone.

I started looking for a faith-based support group and that is when I found Moms in the Making. It was literally God who brought me to this group because I needed community, especially at a new church. I have been diagnosed as a fragile X carrier which impacts my fertility and I was given a less than 3% chance of conceiving naturally.

Going to the conference was life changing. I was scared, but at this point I had nothing to lose. During the prayer sessions, I recall when Caroline asked to raise our hand if death had been spoken over us and I felt my hand go up. For the longest time, I had deep rooted seeds of pessimism, negativity and words of discouragement spoken to me as a child and through my adulthood. On my one-on-one prayer, I finally spoke what I feared the most; I feared not being a good mother because I felt unworthy. While my mom is loving now, there was a time in my childhood where she used words harshly on me that left deep wounds.

I cried for joy and cried for healing because God reminded me that I was worthy of becoming a mom and that He is the one that determines when my time comes to become a mom. I felt encouraged to get baptized during the conference as I wanted to start my new journey feeling free from those chains. I felt God say to me, “Can you see how much I love you that I gave my one and only son for you? I brought you out here so you don’t feel isolated”.

Coming back from the conference, I have kept His words in my heart and am mindful of what I think and what I say. I now speak life over my body, my marriage and overall because God is so good giving me this life for His purpose and reminding me not to put my trust in a diagnosis or process but to TRUST HIM and His timing.

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