I Experienced God’s Goodness

I’ve wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. As a planner, I picked what I thought was the perfect time to have our first child based on my husband’s demanding schedule in medical school. In September 2019 we started trying, but a year went by with no success. We received an infertility diagnosis and were told that we could likely conceive through IUI. After five tries with no pregnancy, the doctor recommended we try IVF.

My husband was still in medical school, so we had nowhere near the amount of money needed for IVF. Thankfully I had joined Moms in the Making and was blessed with incredible support. My MITM leader told me about a fertility clinic that was cheaper than most, so I prayed that God would provide the funds and timing for us to do IVF. With my husband graduating in a year and traveling for several months in the fall, I wanted to conceive while I was still in our close-knit community that had walked through infertility with us.

God not only worked out the timing for us to do IVF in the spring, He also provided finances through a friend who secretly fundraised for us. On the week of my birthday, I found out I was successfully pregnant with our first child and that our IVF costs would be totally covered thanks to the generosity of our family and friends! They were the best birthday gifts ever.

I had been afraid to share about our infertility journey publicly since it felt so vulnerable, but felt God calling me to share our story to bring more glory to him. I decided to do a series on my blog called God’s Faithfulness in My Infertility in the hopes that our story would encourage others. While I would never wish infertility on anyone, I experienced God’s goodness and faithfulness through that hardship and want to give others hope in their suffering, too.

We are praising God for the birth of a healthy baby girl and are hopeful He will provide more children in the future!

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