I Birthed My Miracle at Age 32

I just turned 43 and our miracle son is 6 months old. He was born after 5 years of waiting.

We suffered two miscarriages and two years without pregnancy when I connected with Moms in the Making and began studying what God’s Word actually says about fertility, families and babies (try episode 100 on A Cup Full of Hope Podcast). Convicted by God’s Word, I repented of the lies I’d believed and ceased speaking death over myself (and stopped seeing doctors who spoke death, too!)

God led us to a fertility clinic and a doctor who spoke life. Although she is an observant Muslim, the Holy Spirit told me she carried the hope of Jesus within her. At age 40, we did our first egg retrieval, and though statistics said we would retrieve one, we retrieved 12 in our first of 4 attempts and more after that. It wasn’t the power of my eggs, it was God’s resurrection power.

We subsequently suffered two failed transfers, but we never stopped reciting God’s Word over us, and we never let go of the dozens of promises He had given us. My Moms in the Making group were warriors for us, helping me “strengthen my feeble arms and weak knees” (Hebrews 12).

Our Holy Thursday Easter weekend transfer took and we had a completely uneventful, perfect pregnancy that again belied numbers and statistics. Our son was named Lionel, which means “strong in faith,” and we are praying for this inheritance for him. We believe God has another child for us, and we will seek His voice to determine how and when.

I don’t believe IVF is everyone’s path, but I DO believe God has a particular path for everyone if you keep asking, seeking and knocking (Matthew 7). Honestly, the prize was not Lionel (though I love him unspeakably), the prize was encountering Jesus and being transformed by Him.

I am currently en route to the shower for the third miracle baby conceived among members of the Moms in the Making group I hosted — she is near 40, and the other attendee became a miracle mom at age 41 after 11 years of waiting. God is NOT limited to statistics or to doctors’ prognoses. It is imperative that we live by what His word says — it alone is life.

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