I Became a Mom After 6 Years of TTC Through Private Adoption

My husband and I got married in July 2016. After 1.5 years of marriage, we decided to start trying for a family. After a year of trying naturally with no luck, we confided in our OBGYN for help. We were put on medicated cycles for awhile with no luck. She referred us to a reproductive endocrinologist (REI).

The REI diagnosed us with unexplained infertility and suggested IUI. This was in 2017, when I began attending my local Moms in the Making group. I no longer felt alone in my struggles and had other women supporting me who have walked similar paths. I continued with 5 IUIs which all failed.

My husband has always wanted to adopt and continued to ask me to think about considering, but I just wasn’t ready to give up trying. I attended the 2020 MITM conference and felt so refreshed and ready to keep trying for our family. We decided to pursue IVF in spring 2021, which didn’t come up with any viable embryos. Afterwards, I felt lost, hopeless and questioned God about if it was really meant for us to have a family.

My husband again brought up adoption. We began praying and fasting. Finally, I decided we should try private infant adoption. I finally surrendered what my thoughts of a family was to Jesus and He provided. We were generously gifted 4 grants for adoption, one from Moms in the Making. Jesus continued to open doors for us.

This past March, we finally welcomed our sweet baby girl Emaline Grace to our family. Her adoption will be final in September 2023. If I’ve learned anything, it’s truly that Jesus’s timing is perfect and He has the final say. Surrendering to His ways has been the best thing I’ve done in this process.

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