I Am Free of Fear

I am shouting, “I am free of fear!”
This year at conference, I was so grateful that I walked in as a Mom Made, but I also walked in with an enormous amount of fear of my child’s health, specifically her sleep.
During the exercise of leaving our burdens at the cross, I wrote down that I was ready to release the fear I had for my child’s health at the feet of Jesus and in return, He told me I was getting confidence and peace. I prayed and left my paper at the cross. On the short walk back to my table, I could feel the enemy attacking hard. I was bombarded with, “Where is your child right now? Are you sure she’s being watched carefully? Is she sleeping safe?” I was met with all of the “what ifs…”.

Because Moms in the Making taught me I have the authority to stomp out the enemy in the name of Jesus, I was able to shut out those voices as quickly as they came up. I reminded the enemy that I broke agreement with his attempts at fear and that my child is a child of God and He is her protector. I instantly felt a release of tension in my body. At that moment, my phone lit up with a sweet picture of my daughter sleeping peacefully.

I will no longer live in fear of her health. I am declaring that in Jesus’s name we will have restful and safe sleep moving forward. I wanted to leave the weekend sure that the fear was gone, so when it came time to pin our “shout” to the wall, it was easy to make that my declaration as well! “I am free from fear!”

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