Healthy Baby Born at 29 Weeks

My husband is a Marine and while we were stationed at Camp Lejune in Florida we started looking for a church and trying to get pregnant. We tried for about a year before seeking professional help. I went to a fertility doctor, had a few test done, and after one round of basic fertility medicine we were pregnant.

About 5 months into my pregnancy we had finally found a church and although I didn’t know at the time , it was just the support system I would be needing. At 28 weeks I went into preterm labor and from the moment we stepped into the hospital we were told every negative thing possible. “He has a slim chance of survival” and “Even if he is healthy at birth he won’t go home until after his due date so expect to be in the NICU for awhile.”

We prayed and prayed! Our church full of people we barely knew prayed non-stop. We could FEEL God moving during this time. At 29 weeks our miracle Kai was born via emergency c-section (due to no fluid and infection in womb) not breathing and one of his arms swollen. My husband says he could see the fear and panic in the doctor voices as they tried to bring life into Kai. Once he took his first breathe they immediately turned their attention to his swollen arm. The doctors were telling us they weren’t sure if he would ever have use of his arm. We prayed again and people surrounded us in prayer again.

By Kai’s second day of life he was off all major breathing support and all swelling in his arm had gone down with no sign of any lasting injury. One month before his actual due date Kai was released to go home from the NICU.

Kai is a true example of a miracle God worked in our lives. We needed Him to show up immediately in the moment and he did. We prayed and he answered.

For the last 15 months we have been trying for another baby. I have learned so much on this journey, mostly that God is in the waiting! 

Katie Sayers – Dallas, Texas

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