God’s Provision Made the Way for Our Adoption

God's Provision Made the Way for Our Adoption

We felt our call to parenthood in 2015. We excitedly began trying. After a year and no success on our own, we sought help in 2016. We had failed fertility treatments despite being told my physical exam “looks perfect.” There were no answers for why we couldn’t conceive.

In 2017, we felt a tug on our hearts to pursue adoption. We researched and decided to pursue a private, domestic adoption because financially it worked better that way for us. Our home study was approved and we were matched in only two months for a baby girl due January 2018. We created a bond with the mother and when it all felt so real after bringing the baby home, we had to give her back due to a custody battle with the birth father. Our hearts were crushed and shattered into a million pieces.

By May of 2018 I was ready to pursue adoption once more. In June we received an unexpected gift from a loving uncle who passed away two years ago. He left us a gift that was well over the amount we needed to adopt through an agency. I was never told by family this had been waiting for me. I can only explain it’s God provision, plus allowing my uncle to still love on me even from heaven.

We’re an official waiting family through Bethany Christian services and have been for almost three months. We know God has the perfect baby already picked out for us and look forward to the day we can finally become a family of three!

“Not born from our flesh but born in our hearts. You were longed for and hoped for and wanted from the start”- author unknown.


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