God’s Plans Led us to Adoption

After trying for 2 years my husband and I sought treatment. We were offered IUI and I immediately had the word disobedient impressed on me. So we told my gynecologist we would check his counts and go from there. His counts were low (16 mil) and he started clomid. At his next check his counts were 6 mil. Then 8 mil. Then 7. They have never been as high as 16 again. We decided to move forward with IUI. I called my clinic the week before I ovulated to make sure I had the info correct. I called Monday morning to let them know I had ovulated and needed to come in for IUI. After being on hold for 10 min someone finally returned to the phone and apologized profusely because they had been out of the kits needed for 4 months. I was devastated and angry.

The very next Tuesday (1 week later) I was informed about a baby who was being placed for adoption. I told my husband and we decided to look into it. For two days we waited to hear back and we finally received a call right after I was crying with my husband and telling him we have to be okay with the fact that God may never have it in his plans for us to be parents.

We met our baby boy the next afternoon after searching for a lawyer all day long and finding one to draw up papers at 3PM. This had to be done before the social worker left at 4PM. We had our baby in our arms at 4:30.

God has healed me so much through this. I thank him for not allowing my plans when I wanted them. Not just in terms of growing our family but in all things. I thank him for using the ugly in my life for something beautiful and miraculous. His ways are greater.

I found Moms in the Making after listening to A Cup Full of Hope podcast and I have received so much support. Moms in the Making has truly put into perspective what faith is and have a trust in God that is so fierce and I am so grateful!

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