God Worked Through My Pain

Soon after marriage, we started trying for a family. Months turned into a year of negative tests. In May of 2019, our day had finally arrived! We were going to have a baby. Shortly after that, I was laying on that doctor bed hearing the words, “There is no heartbeat.” Our hearts were shattered, but we picked up the pieces and started again.

In 2021, a doctor finally heard what I had to say and I started fertility treatments. We had 3 failed rounds of IUI. After that, I knew my body needed a break. We started praying about adoption. Then we got a call that 2 little girls needed a home. We welcomed them in with open arms. A few short months later, they were gone and we were left picking up the pieces again.

We decided it was time to find out more answers and I had surgery. They found nothing that should cause a huge issue. I was, however,  abnormally shaped and everything was narrow. The doctor ordered an MRI for a better look. I was excited to finally be getting some kind of answer. Then we had the follow up with the doctor and his words were, “I am not sure what happened, what I saw in surgery and what I see from this MRI are not the same.” God had healed me! And I believed it! That was in February of 2022.

In April of 2022, I finally saw another positive test!!! I knew God had healed me and our rainbow baby was on the way. Sadly, once again, I laid on that table and heard that there was no longer a baby. How could this be? I turned my focus to other things. I wasn’t ready to face the holidays, I wasn’t ready to face anything.

Then, out of nowhere, we received a call about a birth mom wanting us to have her baby. We dropped everything to get all that we needed in place to bring this baby home. She is now home with us and I know God was working through all of the pain.

I am thankful for Moms in the Making as it helped me find women in my area that are/were walking in my same shoes. It brought me a community in the most lonely times.

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