God Will Provide For You

We’ve been praying for financial breakthrough for months. IVF, a job loss, a cross-country move, major unexpected house and car repairs and my husband going back to school all created significant financial strain. Even though we budgeted and pinched pennies, we still couldn’t get out from under the debt we had accrued.

The past few months I have specifically been praying for a financial breakthrough and miracle to pay off our credit card debt. This week, we got a check from an unexpected source that covers the debt AND then has exactly 10% left to tithe.

I am praying that my story will remind others facing similar financial strains to keep praying and reaching out for a miracle (while being a good steward of what you DO have in the meantime.) Our God is a God of hope and miracles. He’s a good father. Keep pursuing Him and He will provide for your every need.

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