God Was With Us Through a Difficult Pregnancy

After 5 years of infertility, we were financially, emotionally and physically worn out. We did not know how or even if God would grow our family. But we continued to pray, and God led us down the path of embryo adoption.

We got matched but had to travel to a different country for our embryo transfer, and the borders were only open for one weekend, which was the perfect timing for the transfer!! We made it to the clinic, did our transfer, and returned home before COVID restrictions closed the borders yet again. And praise God, that transfer worked!

After 5 years and 3 miscarriages, we were finally pregnant with our adopted embryo! The pregnancy was extremely difficult. I experienced HG, which had me vomiting 30+ times a day and in and out of the hospital because of dehydration. But again, a miracle of God, I constantly felt overwhelming joy despite how sick I was. I adored being pregnant! When you throw up that much, feeling anything other than despair is truly a miracle.

Then, at 15 weeks, I experienced heavy bleeding. When I went for an ultrasound, the doctor told me I had a partial placental abruption and that the pocket of blood inside my uterus was 3 times the size of the baby and sac. I was told there was nothing to be done and that I was losing my baby. I was given IVs to manage my blood loss and told they would do another ultrasound in a week to plan the delivery of my baby.

For a week, my husband and I wept and prayed. We thanked God for the time we had with our precious adopted embryo baby. We again encountered our God of Miracles when we went in for that ultrasound. Our baby had a heartbeat still!! The doctors were stunned. I was on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy, and my sweet miracle, a little girl, arrived safely by emergency C-section after a very eventful labor! She’s perfect, healthy, and thriving! God was with us every step, even when things felt scary and uncertain. And God is always with you, too!

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