God Used Moms in the Making to Heal my Heart

My husband and I have been married for 7 years. We started trying for a baby in 2019. By 2021, we started looking into why we weren’t getting pregnant. Due to some health issues, Brian was on testosterone injections. Little did we know that those injections were killing his sperm. He got off of those and was put on a medication to help increase sperm. After several months, his numbers increased, but we still weren’t getting pregnant. I was very discouraged and lost hope. I kept crying to God, asking, “Why not us”?

In December of 2021, I found Moms in the Making. I immediately joined a group. It was refreshing to see women going through the same feelings and emotions as me. By December 2022, my doctor said I had PCOS and put me on medication for that. By January 2023, we were proceeding with our first round of IUI. The first IUI did not take, and I was heartbroken. I remember weeping at church the day of my negative pregnancy test and yet again asking God, “Why”?

Our second IUI was in March, and I was trying not to get my hopes up. When the two weeks were up, I got yet another negative pregnancy test. I took three more tests over the next five days, and they were all negative. I was getting impatient for my cycle to start so that we could begin our third IUI. After a week and a half, I decided to get more pregnancy tests. I just knew I wasn’t pregnant, but I wanted confirmation and to figure out why my cycle had not started yet. Well, the fifth test came back positive. I took three more tests, and they all came back positive. We were pregnant. In November of 2023, I gave birth to our precious baby boy.

Through this process, God used Moms in the Making to heal my heart. In both conferences I’ve attended, God has met with me and tenderly reminded me how much He loves me. He spoke to me and healed my heart of past wounds and mistakes. I have come to know Him closer than before because of the encouragement I received at the conferences and in the group I attend. God healed my heart, and I’m forever blessed by Moms in the Making.

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