God Shows Up When He’s Taken Out of the Box!

“It’s so easy to allow finances, inconveniences or difficult situations hold us back from moving forward. Can you relate? Have you ever put God in a box because your excuses limited him from what he wants to do?
Recently, I had been sharing about the importance of allowing our unlimited God to use his miracle-working power. Around the same time this message had been on my heart I was invited by a friend to attend a conference in California. The flight wasn’t in our budget so I didn’t know what to do. And I was reminded, God isn’t limited by finances so I booked my flight knowing that God rewards obedience and always provides when we trust him.
Just a week before our trip the town we were supposed to visit caught on fire and caused mass devastation. Understandably, my friend decided it was best not to go and I was left to with no place to stay, no one to go with and no transportation to get from the airport to the conference, which was over a 2 hour drive.
And I was reminded, that if God can part the Red Sea, multiply food, raise the dead, then most definitely he could provide accommodations,
a car rental and the finances to cover the costs of it all and hopefully a friend along the way too.
Because I knew that our God is a unlimited God, my step of faith opened up the doors for so much more than I was even expecting. I went in not knowing one person but was able to make friends with people all over the world. And because God never answers our steps of faith how we might think or imagine, but goes above and beyond, I was also able to connect with the Senior Leader of Bethel Church, Kris Vallotton! What an honor!
Have you put God in a box? Have you limited him? He is a miraculous-working God and resources, money, road blocks, inconveniences, fires and impossible situations give him an even greater opportunity to show up and reveal his glory. What can you say yes to that up to this point have limited God with your no? God can’t work when you put him in a box and I hope this testimony encourages you to take him out, because when you take a step of faith he always shows up!”

Caroline Harries – Dallas, Texas

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