God Shifted My Perspective


In 2016 I heard God so clearly. I was going through my monthly disappointment, crying and asking God,  “why are you mad at us?!” I heard Him say “I am pleased. I’m not only your friend, I’m your Father.”

I spent years trying to figure out what He meant. I thought, “we are in debt so as my Father, He will not want us to be in debt.” We worked hard to get out of debt, which is another testimony. We finally got out of debt which felt amazing, but there was still no baby! The Father then provided us a house, but once again, still no baby!

During that time I joined a local Moms in the Making group, which felt amazing because I could finally relate to other ladies. The leader in the group, Kim Marin, gave us verses from the Bible which I read every morning. I joined the support team which sends cards to other ladies who just went through miscarriage and I would cry every time I would send a card because I knew their pain.

I started praying for others in the Moms in the Making Facebook who would submit their prayer request. Little by little, I started noticing my heart was changing. I went to visit my next door neighbors and she told me she was pregnant and surprisingly I was genuinely happy for them. At the 2020 conference I finally realized God was patiently waiting and lovingly disciplining me to change my heart. God does not care about the worldly things I had once focused on, but He does cares about my heart and I want to encourage you He cares about yours too. The best thing you can do in this season is shift your perspective and focus on Him, not the baby, or house, or any of the other gifts He can give.

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