God Set Me Free From Trauma

At the end of 2021, I asked God if He had a word for us for the new year.  He told me “jubilee.”

Naturally, I thought that had to do with fertility.  This year, our seventh walking through infertility, turned out to be the hardest. We experienced our seventh loss. I didn’t understand how any of what we were going through related to “jubilee.”

But through the hardest time of our lives, God was doing so much healing in my heart. I grew up with a parent with mental illness in an environment of emotional and physical neglect and spiritual abuse. I was seeing a Christian counselor, but had been making little progress.

Through the last few months, Papa has been doing such a dramatic healing in me from the traumas I’ve experienced and breaking generational curses. I know that our children will be born free from the curses I was born under, with a mother that is capable of caring for them with Holy Spirit’s guidance. I was raised to think that I could not be vulnerable or ask for help. God has placed me in my Moms in the Making family, where I am safe to be vulnerable and am supported by my MITM sisters. I am overwhelmed by the support and love I’ve experienced through this group that has become my family.

When God gave me the word “jubilee,” I didn’t know that 2022 is a “shmita” year on the Hebrew calendar. It is the end of a seven year cycle, a year of jubilee. In this year, God has sent me free from the cycle of trauma in my family. I know He is continuing to work and bring healing to every area of my life, and He will do the same for you!

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