God Remembered Me

“God Remembers” is how I would summarize my testimony. I remember when my husband and I had friends on child number 2 and 3 and we were struggling to get one. My family and friends would often suggest that I try IVF, adoption or other routes, but God wouldn’t allow my spirit to agree with any of those options.

As I began studying God’s Word more in-depth, He led me to Hannah and showed me that just as Hannah desired, what I desired was also possible simply through prayer, asking and faith in Him. God showed me that while there were other options and methods to choose from, this was not His desire for me and that I could solely rely on His way, just as Hannah did. So I did just that.

He blocked every other option to open my eyes and show me that, for me, there was only one way. I’m so thankful that He did because He gets all the glory for the child He blessed us with!

I also remember joining the Moms in the Making virtual group, and as these women began to share their pain, I started praying and interceding for God to bless our group in a mighty way by opening up our wombs and bringing forth children and He did just that. The majority of the women in our group began to conceive and give birth within a 2-year timeframe, including myself. I’m forever a witness to what the power of prayer did not only for me but for other women as well!

Miracle Douglas – Florida

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