God Provides Finances for Adoption

God Provides Finances for Adoption

“How can I summarize all that God has done?! He has carried me. He has spoken to me. He has provided for me. He has changed me and he has saved me. I have SO many specific examples that it is impossible to share them all. God has been faithful because he has simply always been there for me. His strength and peace have been available EVERY time I pray. 
Last week I was praying about how to fund our adoption. We were very stressed about finances, but we had never publicly discussed or even hinted at our financial need. 30 seconds after I prayed my phone buzzed. It was a message from a friend of a friend whom I hadn’t spoken to in over ten years. She said she had been following our story and asked if she could do a fundraiser for us. That doesn’t just happen! Not a coincidence. God was letting me know he had heard my prayer and he would provide. 
There was a time when infertility only brought darkness and pain. When I let God lead me through it, it became a treasured university. I learned who I am, how to more fully love others, and how God perfectly loves us. I wouldn’t trade my infertility or the “labor pains” on the road to adoption for anything. Thanks to God, I remember past pains with gratitude. They were the vehicles I needed to bring me closer to God and his son Jesus Christ. The power of God is REAL. Miracles are REAL. They are available to all. I’ll praise him forever.”

Paige Marie Cutler 

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