God Provided the Funds for Adoption

“After 4.5 yrs of trying to complete our family, 3 failed IUI’s, and a diagnosis of unexplained infertility my husband Mark + I decided to announce we were adopting to the world on March 17, 2018!
Not long after, we announced that our first fundraiser would be a huge garage sale! We asked for lots of prayers + donations!
The day before our garage sale we joined Caroline, Colby + the Moms in the Making group on their live stream prayer night and asked for prayers over our fundraiser. Caroline prayed over us + prayed that every single person that came to our sale would want to hear our story + know God & see the love we have for Him! We had a goal of $1,200 for the entire garage sale but God said “I can do better!!” We surpassed our goal in the first week which was AMAZING + it just reminded us to never put limits on what God can do for us! We had so many people come & want to hear our story just like Caroline had prayed for! Strangers even just stopped by to buy some chips or soda to support our fundraiser because they saw our signs or posts on Facebook. Everyone was so nice + we loved all the encouraging words and blessings they gave us!
The total amount for the garage sale fundraiser was $2,864.28! This may not seem like a lot to some but this number means the world to us because this makes us one step closer to us holding our baby one day! I dream of the day we lay our eyes on our beautiful baby + know that he or she is who we have been praying for all these years! God made this fundraiser a huge success for us & I know He will do it again for another family!
Moms in the Making has been such a huge support system for me! When I joined a year ago I was in a bad place and struggled with anxiety and depression. I went to the conference last year and my life change. I was truly filled with hope again. Last year I needed my mom to attend the conference with me because I was so anxious but this year I’m going to the conference by myself and even VIP! I’ve made so many friends and Moms in the Making has been there to support me every step of the way!”

Stephanie Kaiser – Burleson, Texas

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