God Provided Me IVF Insurance Coverage

Back in the spring of 2023, I was diligently trying to find a part-time weekend job that offered fertility coverage as my husband and I couldn’t afford treatments. I already had a full-time job; however, they didn’t have insurance that covered fertility coverage.

I applied for several retail jobs and was hired at Tractor Supply. After a month of working there, any part-time employee would receive fertility insurance. I worked there for only one day of training. The next day, my mother called me to tell me she had breast cancer. At that moment I felt God and the Holy Spirit press on my heart to contact my employer to tell them the situation and tell them I wouldn’t be taking the job offer.

My mother wanted to do alternative cancer treatments; however, insurance wouldn’t cover it, so my siblings and I started a GoFundMe, and within three weeks, we were able to raise close to $30,000 for her to go to Mexico. A few months later, I got laid off from my sales job, and at first, I felt depressed and discouraged.

After a month and a half, I applied to close to 300 jobs, and the job I have currently offers IVF coverage and will pay half for treatments. My mom also found out in that time frame that she is cancer-free!

Although our first IVF cycle didn’t go as planned, we are grateful to God for going exceedingly and abundantly blessing us with my mother’s health and financial provisions.

Anna Vanwagner – Indiana

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