God Provided For Us to Attend the Moms in the Making Conference

“When posts first started showing up about the 2018 conference I began sharing the exciting news at my local support group. The interest was good but the cost was going to be an obstacle. I thought “I can fix this, I can buy tickets from my savings and replace it by October”.

But God said wait. Why God? I’m already waiting. And why delay? I know we are supposed to go.

Again he said wait. So I waited + prayed. I shared in my group that I was struggling with not just buying the tickets & didn’t understand why God would tell me to wait.

Then I heard — garage sale.

It didn’t take long to see how much God had a hand in this. We started asking for donations and they came in by truckloads from the most unexpected places. God is exceedingly abundantly good! Spring cleaning, moving, friends, family, coworkers and curbside; we ended up collecting enough to fill a building – not just a garage. Wouldn’t you know God showed up AGAIN when we found out we were able to use a local community center free of charge & have the entire sale indoors! We were able to set up days prior to organize and even extend the sale by a day because we had so much.

Originally we were hoping to cover the cost of our tickets; but God had so much more in store for us. By waiting & being obedient we were able to be witnesses to His awesome power and provision. We ended up raising about $1700-more than enough to cover our entire trip.

If I can encourage you in any way through this it would be to say that He is faithful! Even in the little things like going to a conference or hosting a garage sale. Finances are no longer holding us back & they don’t have to hold you back either! Get creative & we’ll see you in October!”

Sarah Lamontagne – Michigan

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