Moms in the Making Has Changed My Life!

As a mom in the making still waiting for babies for almost 5 years, I have realized that I wasn’t truly ready to receive God’s miracles for me when I started this journey. At the 2019 Moms in the Making conference I came to understand God as both my heavenly father and mother. During a prayer God shared that I am loved and that my lack of children doesn’t account for other people’s problems, something I had been blaming myself for. In the last main session I received the word “daughter” from God. My prophetic card highlighted Psalms 55:16-17, “the Lord will rescue me…He hears my cries.” During my prayer session, the lady praying for me shared that she saw me dancing with my arms spread wide, like a princess, a daughter. 

In 2020, I saw someone share a drawing of a little girl with the word “rejoice.” Beside it read, “open arms, to twirl around” & “to enter the Kingdom of God, become like a child-Mark 10:15.” Recently God has been sharing the word “end” with me as my word for this year. I now I understand that God wanted me to end the way things had been with Him. I had a relationship with God, but not as intimate as I or He has desired. He wants me to come to Him as a daughter with open arms & ready to receive. All the pieces of this story were laid out perfectly by Him, even when we don’t see, God is there as our loving Father.

Moms in the Making has been a blessing to me for so many reasons. I took a leap of faith and joined the virtual group in 2018. The group challenged my beliefs and the way I view life. Attending the 2018 Moms in the Making conference was the best decision of my life. Not only was I able to spend a weekend meeting the ladies who had helped me come out of darkness, but I was able to uproot a lot of lies and hear God’s promise for me. I will cherish them forever. Continuing in the group and attending conferences is only part of why Moms in the Making is so meaningful to me, but being a place that directs me to a deeper relationship with God has been the biggest gift. Even my husband has noticed a difference in me. I am proof of the difference that Moms in the Making is having on the world.

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